Workshops 3-7 Years

Sus Pequeños Pasos offers an after school programme throughout the school year as well as bilingual summer camps during the months of July and August. These workshops are designed for children from 3-7 years who want to re-inforce their French and/or English in a fun and playful way.

Weekly Workshops

Speak Out, English Conversation Workshop

Speak out

We all know how important it is to put something you have learnt into practice. There is a saying in English: "If you don`t use lose it". We spend hours learning by heart (memorizing) different grammar rules and long lists of vocab. But do we really have enough opportunities to put the rules into practice? We need a chance to speak the language! A few sentences a day isn´t enough! You need more than that to get the feeling of a language and become fluent. The aim of this class is to lose fear of speaking in front of others, to express our feelings and above all to have fun while learning. We take the learners away from their desks for a while and give them the chance of moving about and getting them to communicate. We will play different games, focus a lot on the intonation, rhythem, stress patterns and prounciation.


talleres extra-escolares de teatro


These workshops use play as a natural tool within the learning process. From early childhood, there are 3 tools; interpretation, playing and improvisation, that allows us to understand and better assimilate reality helping us to grow (in reality) in a natural way. A fundamental part in the process of learning theatre is the improvement of our sociability and therefore, our Communication Skills. In these weekly sessions we propose to make use of this basis to potentiate the linguistic development of a foreign language: English or French.


Taller de guitarra

Guitar workshop

We will learn to play the instrument in a fun but effective way:

  • We learn to feel and understand rhythm by doing exercises with hands and the rest of the body.
  • We sing songs before playing them.
  • We learn notes gradually to the rhythm of each one.
  • Playing together is privileged, in fact it is a motivation and provides the desire to progress. Therefore, the pieces are almost always accompanied by the teacher, or, when desired, it is possible to create small duets with the other students.
  • Musical games are also proposed in order to learn specific points.
  • The communication is made only in French.

The objective of this course is to learn to play the guitar, and simultaneously understand and master the theory. Enjoy the power, from the beginning of learning, play simple pieces and songs. But, at the same time, the student will have acquired good bases that will allow him to play, if he wishes, pieces that are increasingly complex and rich over the years.

For children from 5-6 years, taught in FRENCH with a maximum of 3-4 students per group.


taller extraescolar de música Little Rock Stars
Very small classes, for children from 6 years old who have already expressed a desire to be a rock star (their own motivation is very important). We teach them to play the guitar and / or sing simple songs of rock and pop in English. For these classes they need their own instrument (if they are interested in the guitar) or they can go simply to sing, or play the percussion.


Workshop In French
Of Music And Physical Expression

In this Music and Movement we make use of the child's extraordinary sensorial receptivity to enrich their musical experience and their physical expression. We sing songs in French accompanied by gestures/instruments/ body percussion. They listen to different types of music and learn to sing melodies, to mark the rhythm with motor games, dances and instruments and to identify what they like the most. A good, fun, stimulating way to continue re-enforcing French through music.


taller extraescolar de canto The main objective of this workshop is to have fun singing and discovering the wonder of being able to develop and extract that artistic and musical talent that every child has inside. The little ones will exercise their vocal cords and learn to use the air and the diaphragm properly, since this is the basis for having a good voice. In these classes of singing and artistic expression they will learn to vocalize correctly and to use the voice well, avoiding in this way that there may be injuries in the future, ensuring that their voice and vocal placement is correct and evolves in a healthy way.


Twinkle Tots Workshop In English

Twinkle Tots In this workshop, music, (live guitar and voice), are combined with actions and dance which turn the dynamics into a game, generating moments of fun and creativity. Books, puppets, stickers and instruments that relate to the different themes of the sessions are also used. The objective of this activity is to stimulate the musical ear, the sense of rhythm, co-ordination and, of course, the linguistic development in order to continue along the path of learning English.



art and creativity workshop The art and creativity workshop is in French. In the sessions we experiment with different painting techniques, sticking, printing and modeling. Using materials and objects from daily life so that we can transform them and give them a new life. Combining plastic arts and recycling, this workshop is ideal for stimulating the imagination and creativity. The activity is carried out with themes thus combining individual and teamwork. Each class ends with a group game, which helps re-enforce the language.

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Summer School

During the months of July and August, our bilingual school opens its doors throughout the day to older children, 4-7 years of age. 2 small groups are formed of 8/9 children in independent classrooms according to the chosen language. The teacher/monitor is native French or English.

Our camp programme is made up of different themes each week. These are developed through workshops of play and creativity using music, theatre, plasticity and Experimentation. The children create their own scenery and give form and content to the theatrical show, which they perform at the end of the week for their colleagues. During the day they participate in playground games and outdoor activities with water.

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